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Helping Our Student Veterans Succeed 

Since the 2012 changes to the GI Bill, more student veterans than ever are pursuing higher education. This growing population brings valuable skills and assets to our campus communities but, sometimes, they face unique challenges as they transition from service or combat into college life. The Jed Foundation and the Bob Woodruff Foundation have partnered to create a training tool that helps campus health professionals best understand the student veteran perspective, engage with them on campus, and provide the resources and support they need to succeed. Thanks to funding from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, the training and CE/CME credits are offered at no charge. We hope you'll share this valuable training experience with all your colleagues.


The Jed Foundation and the Bob Woodruff Foundation have also created a series of PSAs and video features designed to help bridge the gap between student veterans and their civilian peers. These spots can be used at no charge in your campus programming. You can watch the videos using the links below. If you're interested in obtaining a copy of these videos to use in your programming, contact us for more information.


  Today's Vets 





  Voices of Vets




   Common Area





  Lecture Hall





I'm a Veteran 1





  I'm a Veteran 2