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Golden Globe Winner Jon Landau Produces and Appears in PSAs for The Jed Foundation
February 5, 2010

Jon Landau, Golden Globe winning producer of Titanic and Avatar, produced and appears in two new public service announcements for The Jed Foundation shot on February 4th in Los Angeles at New Deal Studios in association with MOFILM (  The spots are humorous depictions of a group of well meaning students who make over the top attempts to help a friend who is struggling.  The two spots, "Hey Johnny" and "Hey Jenny," end with Jon Landau interrupting the misguided attempts and giving advice on the proper way to help a friend.

The cast includes Brittany Snow (Hairspray, Prom Night, Finding Amanda), Jessica Stroup (90210), Raven Symone (The Cosby Show, That's So Raven, College Road Trip), Ken Baumann (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical, Milk), Drew Seeley (recording artist and star of Another Cinderella Story), Andy Milonakis (The Andy Milonakis Show, Extreme Movie), Boys Like Girls (recording artists currently on the charts with Two is Better Than One freaturing Taylor Swift) and the SoCals (NBC's SIng-Off).  The spot was helmed by accomplished director Michael Addis (Heckler, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil) and produced by Jon Landau, and Frank Chindamo and the team at Fun Little Movies

The spots were made possible by MOFILM and will be launched by Jon Landau at The TED Conference and available online and through digital mobile in early February.  Broadcast partnerships will follow.

Brittany Snow and Jessica Stroup

Jessica Stroup

Theresa Jun Tao, Lucas Grabeel and Stevie Ryan


Boys Like Girls

Courtney Knowles (The Jed Foundation), Brittany Snow, Lucas Grabeel and Jessica Stroup

Jon Landau and Michael Addis

Raven Symone and Andy Milonakis

Drew Seeley and Ken Baumann

Ken Baumann and the SoCals

Cast of "Hey Jenny" with Courtney Knowles and Frank Chindamo of Fun Little Movies.

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