Climb for Quent

Thank you to the Climb for Quent Team who raised over $88,000 — more than any other Fundraise for JED yet!

Climb for Quent is a fundraiser in honor of Quent Alcorn, who lost his life to self-harm in 2015. Quent’s friends and family attempted to summit Mount Rainier.

Leading up to an August 2018 summit attempt of Mount Rainier, nine of Quent’s friends and family completed rigorous physical training and conducted a fundraising campaign for their efforts to benefit The Jed Foundation.

The team was thrilled to do this in Quent’s memory and in order to make a difference for students, families, and school communities.

The Climb for Quent’s first journey up Mount Rainier concluded on August 8, 2018, and the effort was an incredible success. Six team members reached the summit of the mountain and enjoyed perfect conditions atop the crater. Before beginning their descent, the team had the opportunity to sign their names in the summit registry in honor of Quent and JED.

We are in awe of the amazing journey each individual climber followed in the process of preparing for and executing the Climb for Quent. Quent is ever connected to this team, just as they were literally tied to one another with each step they took towards the summit. And they carried the presence of the many people and communities who supported them and JED’s mission on this incredible endeavor.

Please join us in congratulating all of the dedicated Climb for Quent team members: Mackie and Kevin Chase, Christian and Pete Alcorn, Carol Eggen, Wil Everett, Mason Snider, Ned Ende, and Lee McElroy!

Here are two videos they shared from their climb:

Day 2 – Sliding through Snow School

10,000 foot update- Muir, the Camp with Wheels


Check out these photos, too:

Below is Christian Alcorn, Quent’s brother, who organized this event.

Below is the team on Day 4 of the climb.

The team had the opportunity to rest and reflect at Camp Muir. Their time on the mountain has provided a special kind of perspective and significance.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir

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