JED, Microsoft, and Blue Boy Foundation Launch ‘Breaking Modern Loneliness: A Workshop on Mental Health’

The Jed Foundation has teamed up with Microsoft and Blue Boy Foundation to launch Breaking Modern Loneliness: A Workshop on Mental Health, a workshop available for high school professionals. The transition to adulthood can be a difficult time of life changes, milestones, and sometimes overwhelming challenges or things we feel are out of our control. The workshop, which launched on April 28, 2020, reaches across diverse cultural contexts to help participants devise an action plan for navigating life’s challenges. The plan is based on taking action in two areas: self-care and caring for others.

Loneliness and isolation are significant risk factors for mental health problems and/or suicidal behavior. Supportive relationships and feelings of connectedness are protective factors that can help lower risk. The Breaking Modern Loneliness Workshop intends for participants to take away a sense of connectedness, awareness of skills for boosting and maintaining emotional well-being, and access to resources to help themselves and others who may be struggling.

Victor Schwartz M.D., Chief Medical Officer at JED advised on the contents of the workshop. “It’s great that Ari Leff (Lauv) and his partners at Blue Boy Foundation and Microsoft have made this effort to create a simple, brief yet impactful program to help young people learn about and support their mental health,” said Vic. “We are proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them on this wonderful project.”

For more information on the workshop and how to facilitate or participate in a workshop, click here.

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