Proud & Thriving Framework

A framework to develop and strengthen mental health support for LGBTQ+ students across the country.


Proud & Thriving Framework

It has been well documented that LGBTQ+ high school and college students experience an elevated risk for negative outcomes due to health and academic factors such as substance misuse, depression, suicidal ideation, academic and co-curricular disengagement, and attrition as compared to non-LGBTQ+ peers. Research confirms that Black LGBTQ+ youth face an especially high risk for decreased mental health, with 47% seriously considering suicide in the past 12 months compared to 42% of all LGBTQ+ youth.* The global pandemic resulted in many students staying or returning home, and has been particularly stressful for LGBTQ+ youth, nearly half of whom report that their families don’t support or know about their gender or sexual identity.*

JED’s work is dedicated to ensuring all teens and young adults have the mental health support they need.

With support from the Upswing Fund, JED partnered with the Consortium for Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals and several subject matter experts to conduct research and produce a report and The Proud and Thriving Report and Framework: Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTQ+ High School, College, and University Students (download below). The Proud and Thriving project and framework was a collaboration focused on helping schools integrate comprehensive frameworks and recommendations to protect and support the mental health of LGBTQ+ students. JED is committed to creating essential communities of care so all students feel a sense of belonging at their schools.

* Source: National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health 2021, The Trevor Project

Download the Proud & Thriving Framework