Welcome to Hue-spressions, the most colorful approach to raising awareness and funds for youth mental health & suicide prevention.

What is Hue-spressions?

Woman with floral headbandHue-spressions is a colorful approach to raising awareness and funds for youth mental health and suicide prevention. This do-it-yourself campaign to fundraise during Mental Health Awareness Month (although you can fundraise for JED all year long) aims to spark conversations about how people are feeling and invite everyone to express themselves through the use of color.

From corporate partners to friends and family, anyone can participate in elevating meaningful conversations about mental health and raising funds to support JED’s mission.

Who can participate?  Hue-spressions is for everyone. 

Ready to get started? Download this easy-to-use guide that provides step-by-step directions on how you can get your Hue-spressions fundraising campaign started.

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4 Ways to Bring Color to the Cause

Create a Challenge

Create a challenge to encourage people to donate to your fundraiser.

Let Color Move You

Use color to express how you feel when you get moving.

Show Your Hue

Use color to express yourself by sharing the colors in your environment that speak to you.

Color Your Own Way

Get creative and pick an activity that interests you such as hosting a party, creating a walk-a-thon, hosting an art auction or colorful fashion show.

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