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Prioritizing teen and young adult mental health and suicide prevention since 2000.

JED protects mental health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults by equipping them as individuals, strengthening their campuses, and mobilizing the communities and influences in their lives.  

We’ve helped over 1,200 schools, districts, and campuses launch evidence-based programs that give students the tools they need for lifelong mental wellness. That represents more than 6.5 million students!

Get a glimpse into JED’s impact below.

Advancing Suicide Prevention

Our flagship program, JED Campus, is making significant differences in the lives of students. 

Schools that completed JED Campus saw statistically significant improvements in student mental health at the end of the program compared to baseline. According to self-reported data from the Healthy Minds survey, students were:

  • 25% less likely to attempt suicide
  • 13% less likely to make a suicide plan
  • 10% less likely to experience suicidal ideation

Students also had improved average anxiety and depression scores and were more likely to stay in school and graduate.

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Joining JED represents a tremendous opportunity for the College to implement a campus-wide approach to mental health promotion that will help lead to a safer campus and  healthier students, and illustrates the College’s commitment to a holistic approach to student success.

— Emerson College

Strengthening Schools:

JED’s academic programs — which include JED Campus, JED High School, the District Comprehensive Approach, and JED’s consulting and training services — help assess and strengthen mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention systems.

School leaders know that getting in front of the youth mental health crisis requires thinking far beyond one-size-fits-all approaches. That’s why we’re partnering with JED to launch a comprehensive, transformative, and scalable district-wide approach designed to meet this urgent need.

— AASA, The School Superintendents Association

Equipping Individuals:

JED creates and shares impactful content and campaigns that build resilience and life skills, promote connection, and encourage help-seeking and help-giving.

  • Each month, over 250,000 teens and young adults visit the JED Mental Health Resource Center to find information and tools to manage their emotional health, cope with challenges, and support the people in their lives.
  • More than 2 million teens and their families have used JED Set to Go resources to emotionally prepare for the transition from high school to college, the working world, or whatever lies ahead.
  • Video stories from JED’s Seize the Awkward campaign with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in partnership with the Ad Council have been viewed over 65 million times. And those viewers are more likely to talk to a friend about their mental health.

I remember scrolling through [JED’s] website almost five years ago while on the phone with a crisis helpline and feeling a sense of empowerment and hope that I, too, could one day work to ensure no teenager has to feel the pain my friends and I experienced as lost and confused middle schoolers. Thank you for making that dream come true.

— Crystal, 2022 Student Voice of Mental Health Award winner

Mobilizing Communities:

JED partners with individuals and organizations to encourage community awareness, understanding, and action for youth mental health.

  • Our videos, podcasts, and collaborations with influential figures like Megan Thee Stallion and K-Pop superstar WONWOO of SEVENTEEN reach millions of young people, strengthening their attitudes around mental health and encouraging them to seek help.
  • Preventing youth suicide requires passing laws that prioritize youth mental health. Through our advocacy work, JED convenes policymakers, nonprofit and education leaders, and mental health experts to transform mental health advocacy into actionable policy.
  • Our Center for Storytelling and Culture Change partners with entertainment media to create more varied, safe, accurate, and compelling stories, changing how we perceive and talk about youth mental health.

“I understand what it’s like to struggle with mental health and how some days can bring darkness. But I also know that none of us are alone on our journeys, and it’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to ask for help.” 

— Selena Gomez, 2023 Voice of Mental Health Award Winner

What Is The Jed Foundation (JED)?

After losing their son Jed to suicide in 1998, Phil and Donna Satow founded The Jed Foundation (JED) with a clear mission: To establish a mental health safety net in schools so that young people like Jed receive timely support. Since then, we’ve worked with over 1,200 schools, districts, and campuses, building mental health support and reducing suicide risks among students.

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JED reaches young people in every state, providing valuable training and resources to protect mental health and prevent suicide. See how we’re making an impact in your state and across the country.

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Mental health challenges are a growing concern for teens and young adults. Suicide rates among young people have increased over the past decade. Find up-to-date statistics about these issues and the populations most at risk.

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