JED Storytelling

JED Voices features intimate conversations with leading culture creators about what mental health means to them. From the realms of entertainment, music, film, sports and social media, JED Voices participants share stories to inspire and encourage action with today’s teens and young adults.


In his 3-part video series, WONWOO of SEVENTEEN opens up about the uncertainties he’s had in his career, how he deals with burnout, and what his fellow SEVENTEEN members and CARATs mean to him. WONWOO’s storytelling collection, made in partnership with Mindset by DIVE Studios.

The Rose Finding Light

In their 3-part video series, The Rose opens up about the uncertainties of the future and self-doubt they had in their career, the deep connection they share with each other, and a message of hope and inspiration to those who may feel stuck in the past. The Rose's storytelling collection, made in partnership with Mindset by DIVE Studios

South Korean Actress and Musician HANI Shares Her Story

In this episode, hear HANI’s story about her motivations to begin her idol career and the consequences of her anxiety and selflessness.

More Voices of Resilience

Everyone has a voice. Sometimes we need to hear a certain message at a certain time from a certain person for it to resonate. That’s why JED has a library of videos from our JED Voices series to help you feel less alone.

Get Help Now

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone right now, text, call, or chat 988 for a free confidential conversation with a trained counselor 24/7. 

You can also contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741-741.

If this is a medical emergency or if there is immediate danger of harm, call 911 and explain that you need support for a mental health crisis.