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Voices features intimate conversations with leading culture creators about what mental health means to them. From the realms of entertainment, music, film, sports and social media, JED Voices participants share stories to inspire and encourage action with today’s teens and young adults.

In their 3-part video series, Korean indie rock band The Rose opens up about overcoming loneliness, anxiety, and the pressures of perfection, offering friendly guidance for your daily self-care practice.

The third and final episode—featuring The Rose members Woosung, Dojoon, Jaehyeong and HajoonIn—is now available to view globally for free of Mindset’s YouTube Channel.

Episode 1: Embracing Imperfection

In this episode, WONWOO talks about how he started pursuing music, the uncertainties he had about his career, and letting go of being perfect.

Episode 2: When You Feel Lost

This episode takes a closer look at how WONWOO copes with negative feelings and burnout. He emphasizes the importance of balance in life, and shares advice that his mother once gave him.

Episode 03: Maintaining Healthy Relationships

In the final episode, WONWOO talks about how he changed after meeting his members and also thanks CARATs.

Episode 01: Finding Light at the End

In this episode, The Rose talks about how to navigate through the uncertainties of the future and self-doubt.

Episode 02: Sense of Belonging

The Rose discusses the deep connections they share with each other and the emotional strength that comes from prioritizing mental health. They also emphasize the importance of caring for loved ones and share advice on overcoming feelings of loneliness and finding a sense of belonging.

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Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health

This initiative, a partnership between six leading mental health advocacy organizations, encourages people across America to use their voice in support of mental health. Be Vocal aims to empower adults living with mental health conditions to speak up when talking with their professional support team and to speak up as a community to advance mental health in America.

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Guide to Mental Health Storytelling

The Mental Health Media Guide, spearheaded by MTV/Viacom and developed by a coalition of mental health experts, leaders from mental health organizations, and a broad range of creative, production, and business professionals from media and entertainment companies, is a groundbreaking, comprehensive resource for content creators. Designed to help expand positive mental health portrayals, this interactive tool includes best practices and evidence-based recommendations to support storytellers with an eye towards representing diverse communities.

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