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Programs and Resources

The Jed Foundation equips campus communities across the country with evidence-based resources to create a culture of care in which all students feel seen and supported.

We offer our flagship JED Campus programs, as well as a variety of training, research, guidance, and tools for administrators, faculty, and students to create healthy and connected school communities.

JED Campus

JED provides colleges and universities expert support, evidence-based best practices, and data-driven guidance to protect student mental health and prevent suicide. Through our JED Campus and JED Campus Fundamentals programs, we partner with you to assess your community’s needs, develop a customized strategic plan to build on existing strengths, and implement tools, strategies, and techniques that lead to measurable improvements in student mental health and a more connected community.

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Consulting, Trainings, and Workshops

Postvention Consulting Services

JED’s experts will respond rapidly, reliably, and compassionately to support campus communities after a suicide or other tragic event. JED also helps in proactively strengthening or preparing crisis response measures.

“You Can Help” Trainings

In these in-depth interactive sessions, faculty, staff, and students learn how to recognize, respond to, and safely support students and peers in distress. The training is free to all JED Campus schools.

Workshops for Campus Communities

JED offers a variety of workshops for professionals and nonprofessionals on how to support student mental health and create inclusive communities of care both on and off campus.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Support and Resources

JED helps fraternities and sororities holistically support their members’ mental health through programs, resources, training, and campaigns.

College Student Mental Health and Well-Being Training

In this 45-minute online course, undergraduates practice self-care strategies and learn how to recognize when they or their peers are in distress and get help. The training was designed by Everfi (now Vector Solutions) using evidence-based JED content.

Best Practices for Supporting Student Mental Health

JED's Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention for Colleges and Universities

Discover our evidence-based approach to supporting student mental health and why we focus on seven areas key to creating a broad safety net for student well-being and building a connected school community.

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A Decade of Improving College Mental Health Systems: JED Campus Impact Report

Download the landmark report that analyzes a decade of data (2013 to 2023) from JED Campus schools and the Healthy Minds Network survey. Discover the incredible progress campuses make in student outcomes and system-level approaches by implementing JED’s evidence-driven strategies.

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Protecting Student Mental Health in the Face of Antisemitism and Islamophobia

JED's recommendations for colleges and universities on how to engage students in this difficult time, support their mental health, and take actions to create connection and understanding on campus.

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Critical Considerations Before Contracting With a Teletherapy Vendor

Find practical guidance on offering telehealth options to your students in this guide. From JED Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Nance Roy, EdD, in collaboration with the American Council on Education.

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Proud and Thriving Framework: Supporting the Mental Health of LGBTQ High School, College, and University Students

Learn how to create an inclusive school environment supportive of the mental health and emotional well-being of LGBTQ students. From JED with the Upswing Fund and the Consortium for Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals.

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Equity in Mental Health Framework for Students of Color

Find expert recommendations and implementation strategies to better support the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color. From JED and the Steve Fund.

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Supporting Graduate Student Mental Health and Well-being

Address gaps in mental health support for graduate and professional students by creating a foundation for evidence-based policies and programs. From JED and the Council of Graduate Schools.

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Improving Mental Health of Student Parents: A Framework for Higher Education

Support the 20 percent of undergraduate students who are parents with wide-ranging recommendations every campus can follow. From JED and Ascend at the Aspen Institute.

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Student Mental Health and the Law: A Resource for Institutions of Higher Education

Feel confident making well-informed decisions around students at risk by learning about the applicable laws and professional guidelines, as well as best-practices recommendations.

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Practical Guidance on Campus-Wide Planning

Campus Mental Health Action Planning Guide

Follow this step-by-step process for designing a plan to promote the mental health of all students and get help for students who are stressed, struggling, or distressed. From JED in collaboration with the Education Development Center, Inc., and part of the Campus Mental Health Action Planning program.

Postvention Guide

Learn how to respond to a student suicide or other traumatic event in a way that maximizes student safety and effective communication. From the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA), of which JED is a proud partner.

Postvention Guidebook for Off-Campus Student Housing Professionals

Learn how to support a community after a resident suicide with a compassionate, effective postvention response. From JED in partnership with the College Student Mental Wellness Advocacy Coalition and Hi, How Are You Project.

Balancing Safety and Support on Campus: A Guide for Teams

Find out how to help campus teams incorporate and support student well-being through their structure, scope, functions, and day-to-day operations. From the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA), of which JED is a proud partner.

College Counseling from a Distance Guide

Learn how to effectively and safely implement telemental health services when they are needed and make choices about when this approach makes sense. From the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA), of which JED is a proud partner.

Tips and Tools for Supporting Mental Health on Campus

Faculty Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health

Download and share this easy-to-use guide that provides educators with simple, evidence-based ways to support emotional well-being in the classroom and reach out to students who are struggling.

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College to Career: Supporting Mental Health

Learn about the emotional challenges facing college seniors during the college-to-career transition, how schools can effectively address these challenges, and ways employers can support the emotional well-being of their young-adult hires. From JED in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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Campus Film Screening Opportunities

JED offers opportunities for campus screenings of powerful films that explore real-life stories of emotional struggle with an emphasis on hope and healing.

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Pressure to Be Perfect Toolkit

JED and Instagram created this interactive toolkit to help students learn how to create a healthy self-image and use social media in a way that can support their emotional well-being.

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College Student Mental Health Action Toolkit

Inspire your students to take action with this step-by-step guide to advocating for policies, systems, and environmental changes that can improve mental health on campus. Developed by the Healthy Minds Network in partnership with Active Minds and JED.

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988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is the new three-digit dialing code where compassionate, accessible care and support are available for people experiencing mental health–related crises, including thoughts of suicide or a substance-use crisis.

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Resources for Students to Take Care of Themselves

JED’s Mental Health Resource Center supports teens and young adults with resources for prioritizing their mental health, managing academic stress, and developing life-long coping and self-care skills.

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Resources for Students to Take Action

Students can play a powerful role in creating a community of care on campus and beyond. Learn about opportunities for students to engage with their peers, campus, and community to advance the emotional well-being of teens and young adults.

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Get Help Now

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone right now, text, call, or chat 988 for a free confidential conversation with a trained counselor 24/7. 

You can also contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741-741.

If this is a medical emergency or if there is immediate danger of harm, call 911 and explain that you need support for a mental health crisis.