JED Postvention Consulting Services

After a Suicide or Other Tragic Event: JED Can Help.

JED’s experts are prepared to respond rapidly, reliably, and compassionately to school communities that experience a sudden loss of life.


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If your school or campus has lost someone to suicide or another tragic event, The Jed Foundation (JED) provides postvention consulting services to help navigate the aftermath and compassionately meet the needs of your school community. Our postvention consulting services support your students and staff in healing and reduce the risks associated with exposure to suicide. These services are customizable to address the immediate needs of your school or campus community. 

JED experts can also provide consulting support to help your school or campus proactively strengthen or prepare your crisis response measures. 


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What is postvention?

As defined by National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (2015), postvention is an “organized response” to facilitate grief processing and healing in the aftermath of a student death, to reduce other negative impacts of exposure to suicide, and to prevent suicide for those who are at increased risk in the aftermath of a suicide. Postvention consulting can also support school communities that have experienced loss from other causes such as vehicle accidents, natural disasters, or school shootings. 

JED Postvention Consulting Service Available to Your School/Campus

JED’s nationally recognized experts work to ensure your school, district, or campus is prepared if tragedy strikes, and are also there to help address a loss in the immediate aftermath. We will assist your community in developing messaging, setting up short-term therapeutic services, reviewing and strengthening existing crisis response policies and procedures, and offering guidance on the creation of sustainable systems of support throughout the school community for the foreseeable future. Through our expert guidance, resources, planning, and professional development, JED postvention consulting services can help your school or campus community begin the process of healing and rebuilding after a loss, or before it occurs.

Communicating with Your School/Campus Community After A Loss
  • Guiding crisis communication immediately after a death 
  • Providing guidance on responsible planning of memorials and other events
  • Customizing JED content for dissemination to the school community
  • Creating a plan for how, when, and to whom to disseminate materials that promote help-seeking, and developing these materials when needed
  • Facilitating staff and community conversations that support grief processing
Mobilizing Your School/Campus After A Loss
  • Facilitating crisis team meetings and building team capacity
  • Recommending appropriate crisis response processes and resources, and coaching internal staff to provide needed services
  • Guiding and supporting school’s to identify and create a plan to deploy local, external mental health crisis responders
  • Assisting with setting up short-term individual and group therapeutic services for students, faculty, and staff
  • Assisting with setting up, monitoring, and identifying individuals in most acute distress
  • Assisting with setting up services for clinicians and care providers (“help for the helpers”)
  • Developing a plan to ensure that support and intervention services are available for an extended period of time (e.g., the remainder of the school year)
Proactively Prepare Your School Community for Adverse Events
  • Curating research-based resources from JED and other nationally-recognized experts and organizations that build knowledge and skills
  • Professional development in evidence-based suicide prevention approaches
  • Reviewing and strengthening existing crisis response policies and procedures
  • Reviewing and strengthening existing postvention policies and procedures, including strategies to promote means safety, access to clinical services, planning for memorials and anniversaries, and more
  • Technical assistance in setting up lethal means safety interventions 
  • Technical assistance to build sustainable, systematic postvention services
  • Technical assistance to integrate postvention programming and services into broader school systems


Postvention Consulting Services Next Steps

JED experts will connect with you within one business day to learn more about your school, district, or campus and discuss your situation and needs. Because we know the needs of each school or campus are different, we’ll work with you to quickly create a custom scope of work.

To learn more about JED’s postvention consulting services, complete the form above.
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