JED's Guiding Principles

JED’s Guiding Principles are a shared value system that guides how we show up with—and for—each other and how we work on behalf of our constituents. We believe that the critical work we do to protect mental health, create connection, and build community starts with how we treat one another every day.

Our Principles

We find a way.

We are passionate and optimistic about saving lives and helping teens and young adults thrive. We are innovative, responsive and persistent with a focus on results, impact and outcomes. We find a way to accomplish our goals.

We all belong.

We believe that everyone belongs and adds value to our organization. Our culture is characterized by diversity, equity, inclusion, connectedness, humility, empathy, and respect.

We are always improving.

We continuously monitor, learn, reflect upon, evaluate, and invest in the improvement of our programs and services, and in the professional development of our team members, so we are continually empowered to make an even greater impact.

We express gratitude.

We express gratitude for each other and our JED Community so everyone feels seen and appreciated. We carefully steward the resources provided by our donors, supporters, partners and team members.

We are collaborators.

We expand our reach and influence by collaborating with one another and a powerful network of organizations and individuals, working in an interdisciplinary and cooperative way to produce the best results.

We build trust.

We recognize that mutual trust is essential to our success, and that it is earned. We work to build trust everyday by assuming the best in each other, and by being transparent, reliable and accountable.

We are help givers.

We are committed to serving as a resource and support for our stakeholders, and are equally committed to helping each other — because everyone needs support.

We prioritize self-care.

We know that we need to take care of ourselves and each other and achieve a healthy work-life balance in order to reach our highest potential.