Madhappy for JED

JED and Madhappy partner for a shared commitment to create an open conversation around mental health.

Madhappy and JED have a shared commitment to create an open conversation around mental health. “Getting started is often the hardest part,” says co-founder Mason Spector. “It can be uncomfortable because we often don’t know what to say or how people might react. This is a generation that is ready to crack open the cultural conversation about mental health, they just need some support and guidance to do it.”

That’s where Madhappy’s conversation guides and mental health toolkits come in:

Also check out The Local Optimist, Madhappy’s mental health blog and digital resource, which features online programming, including personal stories, interviews and research-backed toolkits, as well as physical experiences like meditation classes and panels that promote mental wellness and kickstart dynamic conversations about mental health.

The Madhappy Podcast is another great digital resource. The show is a series of conversations on mental health hosted by Madhappy founders Mason Spector and Peiman Raf. At its core, the show aims to create more conversation around mental health by illuminating the full spectrum of mental health. The highs and the lows. They dive into their guests’ stories, their personal experiences and how we can all speak more openly about our mental health.

Other Resources

JED’s Mental Health Resource Center provides essential information about common emotional health issues and shows teens and young adults how they can support one another, overcome challenges and make a successful transition to adulthood: