The JED Campus
Fundamentals Journey

JED Campus Fundamentals is a shorter, 18-month alternative to the full JED Campus four-year program.

This program provides an easier point of entry for engagement with our higher education programs while delivering critical components of our program that we know make an impact in supporting student mental health and emotional well-being. Institutions have the opportunity to customize their experience by adding on an administration of the Healthy Minds Study and/or an in-person campus visit for additional fees. Learn more about program fees and scholarships.

Explore the JED Campus Fundamentals journey below.

Step 1


The journey begins with your JED Campus Advisor, and the formation of an interdisciplinary task force that includes administrators, faculty, staff, and students to address mental health and well-being efforts.

Step 2


The campus task force will complete the JED Campus baseline assessment to evaluate existing programs, policies, systems, and services based on JED’s Comprehensive Approach. JED will provide a comprehensive feedback report outlining areas of strength and opportunities for enhancement and growth.

Step 3

Strategic Planning

JED will facilitate a virtual consultation visit to review the feedback report and begin strategic planning with campus stakeholders and the task force. After the consultation visit, JED will provide a comprehensive mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention strategic plan with objectives and action steps for implementation. JED and the campus task force will review and finalize the strategic plan together.

Step 4

Implementation & Support

The campus will begin implementing the strategic plan for the remainder of the 18 months with assistance from their JED Campus Advisor. The campus can engage with other colleges and universities in the JED Campus program through our online Learning Community where they will often share promising practices and resources. The campus will have access to the Learning Community and our online resource library, the JED Campus Playbook, for the duration of the 18-month program.

Step 5


In the final months of the program, JED will meet with the campus task force to review progress on the strategic plan and assist with sustainability planning. At the end of the 18 months in JED Campus Fundamentals, campuses can pay the remaining balance to continue on into the four-year program or purchase ongoing access to JED resources beyond the program term.