The JED Campus Journey

Collaborating to Protect Students and Help Them Thrive

JED Campus is a four-year, collaborative journey that equips schools with systems, programs, and policies to protect student mental health, strengthen campus communities, build life skills, and support students who may be struggling.

Built around our comprehensive model for protecting student mental health and preventing suicide, JED Campus uses proprietary assessments to review a school’s current efforts, identify existing strengths, and highlight areas of improvement. Learn more about program fees and scholarships.

Explore the JED Campus journey below.

Year 1

Assessment & Strategic Planning

The journey starts by building an interdisciplinary team, conducting a student survey, and completing the JED Campus self-assessment. After reviewing this data, representatives from JED visit the school to begin working with the institutional team on creating a strategic plan.

Year 2-3

Implementation & Support

During the next two years, a JED Campus Advisor provides assistance and tracks progress on implementation of the strategic plan. The school’s team also receives support and information on best practices from the larger JED Campus Learning Community through a listserv, newsletters, and webinars.

Year 4

Evaluation & Sustainability

The final year includes a second student survey and self-assessment, followed by an executive summary from JED on accomplishments, changes, and outcomes. JED then provides guidance on continuing the plan and works with the school team to develop future goals for growth and improvement.