Back to School 2022: For Students

This back-to-school season, JED is here to support you with useful advice, tips, and resources to plan for a strong start. Beginning right now, exactly where you are, you can take the first steps to have a year that feels good to you.  

You Are Here

You Are Here is an experience from JED and our partners at PINK offering tips, practices, and resources for navigating transitions like back to school with intention, connecting with your authentic self, pressing pause when you need to, and embracing your next chapter.


Going to Campus Mindfully: How to Plan for a Supported, Connected, Less Stressful Year

We know it can be stressful as you head into a new school year, which is why we put together a guide to help you think about what you want out of this year, how you can stay connected to yourself and others, and plan for a year that feels good to you.

8 Ways to Lower Stress in High School

You can’t control what teachers you get, the time school starts, or even the fact that attending school is legally required, but you have the power to prioritize taking care of yourself. Here are easy, effective ways to do it.


nami guideNAMI x JED’s Mental Health Guide to College

Find expert advice for college students on everything from creating healthy relationships to taking care of your emotional health and staying safe on campus in this easy-to-follow, information-packed guide.

JED's TikTokConnect With Us on TikTok

Follow us on TikTok to hear from other students about what’s on their minds this back-to-school season, and join in by sharing how you support your mental health and tackle challenges. Hashtag #MentalHealth #JEDCares #SchoolMentalHealth #BackToSchool #MentalHealthMatters

Seize the Awkward website imageSeize the Awkward

Reach out and connect with your friends about mental health. Learn how to have conversations about mental health, recognize warning signs that someone may be struggling, and find ways to stay connected with each other.


Feeling Stressed?

We can’t always control the stress that comes into our lives, but we can control how we manage and react to it. Understanding these stressors in order to respond to them in a healthy way is a key component of mental health.

Feeling Anxious? 

Understanding and addressing the sources of our anxiety can be challenging, but there are things we can do to manage it with the support of our network and the help of trained mental health professionals.

Find more resources to start the year strong in our Mental Health Resource Center.