Back to School 2023: For Schools and Educators

This back-to-school season, The Jed Foundation (JED) is equipping high school and college students with what they need to prioritize their mental health and feel supported when they do it. Schools and educators are powerful partners in this work, but we know your primary role is sharing your knowledge and expertise, and your plate is full. 

That’s why JED created easy-to-use guides that provide simple ways to notice when students are struggling and connect them to care. Please download and share these guides with your colleagues and school community.

High School Educator Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health

Teachers are considered “frontline personnel in supporting school efforts to address mental health concerns,” yet a large body of research shows that teachers and staff rarely receive training in navigating these situations effectively and comfortably. JED created this guide to support teachers and high school staff in connecting students to effective care when they need it.

Faculty Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health

A recent survey found that nearly 80% of higher-education faculty reported having dealt with student mental health issues over the previous 12 months. Most faculty are not clinicians, and we know it can feel overwhelming to think about supporting students’ emotional health, especially given all of the responsibilities you already have. But you don’t have to be a mental health professional to have a positive impact on your students’ emotional well-being. You just need to pay attention, listen, and connect students to help if—or when—they need it. This guide will show you how.

The Coaches’ Guide to Supporting High School Athlete Mental Health

A trusted, caring adult can be a game changer for young people, and coaches are well positioned to provide that support. You can be the first to notice when an athlete is struggling emotionally—and the first person an athlete trusts enough to reach out to. JED and Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) created this quick, easy-to-use guide to increase your knowledge and comfort in navigating these situations and conversations.

Student Resources

Find easy-to-use expert advice, resources, and tips in our student back-to-school hub.