Discrimination 101

Understanding Discrimination and Bias

Discrimination is the unjust treatment of people based on the groups or classes they belong to. People can discriminate against others due to one or more characteristics, including but not limited to age, race, weight, gender, and family status.

There are many negative consequences of discrimination: it can impact our physical and mental health and keep us from living up to our full potential. It’s important to understand all the ways discrimination impacts us—as people experiencing discrimination and people who need to examine our own biases.

Responding to Discrimination and Bias

Discrimination is perpetuated by societal norms, cultural institutions, and through our own biases, in big and small ways. Since it is a part of our society, sometimes it can be difficult to recognize when we or someone we know is being discriminated against. Since discrimination has so many negative effects, it is vital to learn how to recognize discrimination and take steps to address it safely and productively.

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