Screen “Each and Every Day” on Your Campus

Created in partnership with MTV and JED, and from filmmakers Sheila Nevins and Alexandra Shiva, this powerful documentary explores youth mental health through the eyes of nine different young people who’ve attempted suicide or struggled with suicidal thoughts. The film offers relatable and authentic portraits of young people dealing with suicide and emphasizes help seeking and hope. It also includes a companion playbook to help schools plan, facilitate and host a screening including discussion questions, conversation starters, participant bios and more.

Learn more about “Each and Every Day” here, and fill out the form below to plan a campus screening event.


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*This film contains honest conversations between young people about suicide and thoughts of self harm. For some viewers, this may cause uncomfortable feelings at times. It is important to remember that you can pause viewing as needed to engage in self-care.


Click here to download the “Each and Every Day” film playbook