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JED’s experts are here to help

JED’s experts are available to advise and present to your organization, community, or school to help promote teen and young adult well-being. From on-site presentations and workshops to meeting with schools to review mental health programming and systems, our experts will help you develop and enhance efforts to support student mental health on campus and in your community.

We…are in a much more prepared space to support our campus community with mental health resources, awareness and prevention than before we became a certified JED Campus. The JED process allowed [us] to stay on top of best practices in the field and utilize the JED seal of approval for creating justification for restructuring our Case Management and BIT Teams, demonstrating how best to handle crisis, hospitalization and other multifaceted challenges in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Gabriella Tempestoso, Associate Dean/Director of Academic Support Services, Pitzer College

Customized presentations and workshops

Let us create a customized on-site presentation or series of workshops for your stakeholders in campus mental health promotion and suicide prevention. From the counseling center, health center and student affairs staff to university administration and trustees, and students and parent groups, we can build a program on topics such as:

  • Schools mental health and suicide prevention, including JED’s Comprehensive Approach
  • Legal and ethical issues in college mental health
  • Managing mental health crises on campus including:
    • Suicide postvention
    • Establishing and managing campus behavioral intervention teams
    • Coordination of campus support, medical and counseling services
    • Support around other topics related to
    • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in mental health on campus

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Prepare for the Transition out of High School

Going from high school to college is challenging both for students and communities. Our experts can help you prepare through parent-focused presentations on teen and young adult mental health and how families can best support emerging adults. We also offer schools training and professional development on the Equity in Mental Health Framework.

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Postvention response

Our experts are here to help in the aftermath of a student death. From developing comprehensive postvention responses to establishing communication protocols to coordinating efforts of various departments and staff to outreach, counseling options, memorials, etc. It’s never too late to review your mental health programming and systems, and to develop and enhance efforts to support student mental health.

Build your response with JED

POSTVENTION: A Guide for Response to Suicide on College Campuses

This guide was developed in partnership with the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA) to help schools be better prepared to manage the painful challenge of a student suicide death. This includes the need to create predetermined strategies to effectively and sensitively respond to campus deaths after they occur while also creating a positive impact on prevention of any future incidents. The guide defines specific areas of consideration and planning, while also offering suggestions for best practices.

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Campus Mental Health Action Planning Guide

When young people are connected early to support and treatment, most mental health problems can be successfully managed, with symptoms reduced or even eliminated. This guide, a collaborative effort between JED and the Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), and part of the Campus Mental Health Action Planning (CampusMHAP) program, was designed to provide campuses with a step-by-step process for designing a plan to promote the mental health of all students and get help for students who are stressed, struggling, or distressed.

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College to Career: Supporting Mental Health

In order to better understand the challenges to emotional wellbeing faced by young adults during the college-to-career transition, JED partnered with the University of Massachusetts Medical School. We addressed the emotional challenges college seniors face as they prepare to leave college, what colleges can do to address these challenges, the emotional challenges that recent college graduates entering the workforce face, and how employers can support the emotional well-being of these young adult hires.

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Framework for Developing Institutional Protocols for the Acutely Distressed or Suicidal College Student

Seeing a need for a comprehensive, campus-wide approach to managing acutely distressed or suicidal students, JED held a roundtable discussion with senior college administrators, college counselors and other mental health practitioners, and attorneys specializing in college issues to find out their recommendations. The result is this comprehensive Framework, which provides colleges or university communities with a list of protocols and practices relating to the management of students in acute distress or at risk for suicide.

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