Let’s Talk NYC: To Support Student Mental Health

For immediate assistance with a student’s mental health emergency, please call NYC Well at 1-888-NYC-WELL or text WELL to 65173.

You are their go-to person!

Let’s Talk NYC: To Support Student Mental Health Campaign prepares school staff to become mental health allies by helping them to develop active listening skills, to engage students in conversations on mental health, and to refer them to additional mental health support when needed.

You may have hesitations about being there to listen when a student is in need. This guide can help.

Identifying Mental Health Champions

Take our training here.

To participate in a Let’s Talk NYC Teacher Training, click here.

We want you to be prepared.

So you are ready to when it’s time to listen. If you have other questions or concerns, reach out to your school counselors or leadership team.

Think more students need to know about this program?

Sharing these materials with students may help.


Student Guide

We want you to be identifiable so students know how to approach you.

You will be receiving a lanyard in addition to virtual markers so students can identify you as a Let’s Talk participant. Reach out to your school counselors or leadership team if you do not receive one.

Let’s Talk Caregiver Guide

COVID-19 Mental Health Guide for Youth

JED’s Mental Health Resources & Campaigns

JED X CommonLit Set to Go Online Lessons

JED’s Set to Go Program

NYC DOE Bridge to School Plan

Mental Health Hotlines