Love is Louder

Love is Louder is a project with The Jed Foundation to amplify the stories, messages, and opportunities to take action that support our mental health and help us feel more connected.

Through Love is Louder, JED partners with media, brands, high-profile voices, and other storytellers to help us all feel more seen, heard, and supported, and to start conversations about mental health that can change and save lives.

Having a “Good Day” with Brett Eldredge

Country superstar, Brett Eldredge, talks about the inspiration for his song “Good Day”. Brett shares how he was waking up every day and focusing on the negativity of his life and wanted that to stop. So, he decided to simply reframe his focus and choose to have a good day every day. This isn’t about being perfect, but rather setting the intention to be positive, have gratitude, and take things in stride.