The Jed Foundation (JED) Launches Suicide Postvention Services

Custom consulting services help schools, districts, and higher education institutions protect the emotional well-being of their students and school communities in the aftermath of a sudden and tragic loss of life.

August 30, 2023 – NEW YORK – The Jed Foundation (JED), the leading national nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults, has launched postvention consulting services to address the critical need for tailored, comprehensive support for schools and campus communities when they experience a sudden and tragic loss of life. 

JED’s work—with over 520 schools representing more than 5.5 million students—has demonstrated the profound effect that a comprehensive, evidence-based approach can have on improving student mental health and lowering suicide risk and substance misuse in school communities. This work is critical as suicide remains the second leading cause of death for 10-34 year olds according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and an estimated 6,529 young people died by suicide last year. 

JED’s postvention consulting services recognize that the impact of suicide is wide-ranging and profound and that a thoughtful, evidence-based response can decrease additional suicide risk, and lead to a strengthened school community. JED’s postvention services—which can be engaged proactively or in immediate response to a losssupport U.S. schools or campuses in navigating the loss of someone to suicide or other tragic events. JED’s team can respond rapidly and compassionately with expert support, evidence-based practices, and research-based resources specific to a school’s needs. 

“The unfortunate reality of losing a student, teacher, or member of the community can cause a lasting impact in ways that school districts and campus administrators may not be prepared to address,” said Tony Walker, PhD, LPC-S, and JED’s Senior Vice President of Academic Programs. “Our postvention consulting services help schools not only navigate the immediate challenges in these difficult situations but also equip them to create safer and healthier environments that protect students overall, and to be prepared before they occur.” 

Customized for the needs of a school, district, or college campus, the services include: supporting students, staff, and other community members in processing and coping with grief; drafting and disseminating accurate and rapid crisis response communications; implementing practices that prevent suicide contagion; identifying ways to promote help-seeking behavior among students; mobilizing local crisis response services; crisis team meeting facilitation, and future planning. 

Beyond the initial engagement, longer-term support can include professional development and training for faculty and staff in evidence-based suicide prevention approaches; creating systematic postvention protocols and review of related policies and procedures; and strengthening strategies designed to reduce access to lethal means. 

School districts and colleges/universities seeking to access these vital services and resources can learn more by visiting our website. For immediate inquiries, assistance, and pricing, please email jedpostvention@jedfoundation.org

About The Jed Foundation (JED)
JED is a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. We’re partnering with high schools and colleges to strengthen their mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems. We’re equipping teens and young adults with the skills and knowledge to help themselves and each other. We’re encouraging community awareness, understanding, and action for young adult mental health.
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Justin Barbo
Director, Public Relations, The Jed Foundation

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