The JED High School Journey

Partnering with High Schools to Support Emotional Well-being and Prevent Suicide

JED High School is a public health, systematic approach that helps districts/schools to assess and strengthen their policies, programs, and systems to equitably support emotional well-being and suicide prevention for all students. JED High School is an adaptation of JED Campus.

JED High School is an 18 to 24-month program designed to help districts/schools assess and enhance their efforts in the following key areas: developing life skills, promoting social connectedness and positive school climate, increasing help-seeking behaviors, recognizing and responding to students at risk, promoting well-being and access to mental health services, following crisis management procedures, and creating a safe environment.

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Explore the JED High School journey below.

Year 1

Team Building, Assessment, and Strategic Planning

The journey starts by building an interdisciplinary team whose members represent the entire high school community. Next, each school completes a student survey and the JED High School Baseline Assessment. After reviewing this data, members of the JED High School team provide the school or district with a comprehensive feedback report and conduct a site visit, during which the school’s interdisciplinary team and the JED High School team review data and collaborate to initiate the creation of a strategic plan.

Year 2

Implementation, Support, and Post-Evaluation

The journey continues as a dedicated JED High School Advisor provides each school/district with a completed strategic plan and provides ongoing technical assistance and support to the school/district as it makes progress toward its plan objectives. The JED High School Advisor tracks progress, helps the school/district identify needed programs, policies, and resources, and coordinates a post-evaluation at the end of the year. The school/district also joins the larger JED High School Learning Community and receives support in the form of newsletters, webinars, and a listserv.


Sustainability and Partnership

At the end of its two-year journey, each JED High School/District receives a comprehensive, final report on progress made and next steps. The school/district remains a valued partner in our JED High School national Learning Community, with ongoing access to our library of resources and participation in virtual and in-person convenings and conversations.