JED Campus Impact Report

The 2020 JED Campus Impact Report evaluates 56 schools that completed participation in JED Campus from 2014 to 2020. The findings demonstrate improvement across program, policy, and systems change indicators that support and protect student mental health, across all domains in the Comprehensive Approach. To download the JED Campus Impact Report, please fill out the form below.

Download JED Campus Impact Report

A Decade of Improving College Mental Health Systems: JED Campus Impact Report

Download the landmark report that analyzes a decade of data (2013 to 2023) from JED Campus schools and the Healthy Minds Network survey. Discover the incredible progress campuses make in student outcomes and system-level approaches by implementing JED’s evidence-driven strategies.

The JED Campus Program

JED provides colleges and universities expert support, evidence-based best practices, and data-driven guidance to protect student mental health and prevent suicide. We partner with you to assess your community’s needs, develop a customized strategic plan to build on existing strengths, and implement tools, strategies, and techniques that lead to measurable improvements in student mental health and a more connected community.