Basic Life Skills Resources

Supporting the Health Care Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood in the Medical Home
Straight from the highly revered American Academy of Pediatrics, this study provides a thorough analysis of best practices for parents to help their children transition their preferred option for medical care into their adult lives.

Transitioning Youth to an Adult Health Care Provider
While only a page long, this comprehensive guide is packed with valuable information about how to move your child to an adult health care provider when the time is right.

Today’s Exhausted Superkids
Celebrated New York Times writer Frank Bruni uses this powerful op-ed to address the irreplaceable – and yet, underrated – value of sleep in the lives of high school and college students.

USA Today – Teens and Stress: Bad Habits Begin Early
This USA Today article offers a clear and informative summary of a 2014 study by the American Psychological Association, which found that poor stress management skills likely start during the teenage years and continue well into adulthood if not corrected.

Stress & Time Management
Few skills are more important, or more intertwined, than stress and proper time management. This article describes in brief the basics of each, how they often affect each other, and how students can manage both in a healthy way.

How to Teach Your Kids To Do Laundry
Doing the laundry can be a deceptively difficult task for kids who haven’t tried it before, which is why this simple, step-by-step guide comes in so handy.

5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Shop for Groceries
This impressively detailed guide gives parents an easy way to teach their kids how to shop for groceries in a responsible way, financially and nutritionally.

The Joys of Doing Nothing
As strange as it might seem, blocks of unstructured time can be remarkably valuable for kids as they grow through their developmental years. This article describes this phenomenon in detail.

8 Skills Everyone Should Have by Age 18
A former Stanford dean shares her perspective on the key skills that students should have before starting college, and how parents can help their children lean them.

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