Text, Talk, Set to Go

Juniors and seniors can prepare to get Set to Go with our initial conversation, delivered to their small group (or with their parent/guardian) through a series of pre-programmed text messages. Text, Talk, Set to Go works well as an in-person or virtual activity (download our organizing toolkits below for more information).

For the first-year college student activity, click here.

Here’s How it Works

Students gather in small groups of 3-4 people or with their parent/guardian. Using one cell phone per group (this can be done virtually through online technologies such as Zoom or Google Classrooms), text SetToGo to 833-440-2220 to receive a series of text messages that guide you through a 45-minute conversation on getting prepared for the transition out of high school. The text messages include polling questions, discussion questions and social media interactions that help students start planning now for life transitions to career and college.

The student-parent/guardian track allows for these conversations to happen within the family and can be a great activity to do while everyone is at home. To join, the student and parents/guardians text SetToGo to 833-440-2220 and choose the family track.

Planning for Text, Talk, Set to Go in Your School

Download our School Organizing Toolkit for Faculty and School Organizing Guide for Students for all the details on how to bring Text, Talk, Set to Go to your school (provides information for in-person and virtual events).

Join Our Contest to Earn $ for Your School/Chapter

During our 2021 fall campaign, schools/chapters that sign up for the contest will be eligible to win one of two $500 cash prizes. The school with the largest number of students participating (measured as a ratio of total students versus total participants) will be winners. Chapters will be entered into a lottery. If your chapter is drawn from the lottery, it wins! Entry is free and easy! SIGN UP NOW to receive your organizer code.

For more information, please contact Raquel Goodrich at Raquel@texttalkact.com.

Get Help Now

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