Tips and Considerations for Educators Providing College Guidance to Students

The educational benefits, employment opportunities, and personal gratification that post-secondary education provides are palpable. To get the most out of a college education, it is important for students to consider their personal, financial, and familial needs and goals. Finding a school that is a good fit on a personal, emotional, and social level can greatly affect students’ success and experiences in college. Here are 3 important considerations to remember when giving college guidance and helping students to choose a college that is right for them.

3 elements for educators to consider when giving college guidance

1. Be mindful of overvaluing the “brand” of a college. 

Students, parents, and administrators alike often stress over the “brand” or rank of a college. How elite is a particular institution and how will it look on a resume to future employers? In reality, there is not as much impact as people imagine in attending different colleges. Discrepancies in student employment and life satisfaction between different tier schools are not as vast as one might think.

2. Finding a good fit. 

It is our conviction that much of the academic failure and poor retention in US colleges stems from students who are struggling with emotional and psychosocial challenges. The first step to academic and personal success in college is choosing a school that is a good fit.

3. Consider the student’s emotional and personal proclivities. 

Students should consider their personal interests and financial resources during the college process. However, we also want students to consider their emotional and personal proclivities. How have they done in the past with separations? This might help inform the decision about whether they should choose a school that is closer to home. Does the student like a busy, bustling setting with a lot of stimulation and activity, or a place that is quieter and more sedate? Is this someone who likes more independence or more active support?

For more tips and information, read about College in Perspective for Students and for Families. We hope that your school administration will help us relay the importance of post-secondary education and goodness of fit.