JED Student Ambassadors

What is JSA?

JED Student Ambassadors are a group of exceptional college and high school students whose goal is to support the emotional health and well-being of their peers and school communities. Ambassadors bring JED resources to life on their high school or college campus by:

  • Organizing mental health resource and awareness events
  • Promoting and distributing JED resources among their school community

Why join?

  • Make a difference! Your ideas and work will be put to use to help support the emotional health of college students.
  • Learn a lot! You’ll learn about college mental health, JED resources, and peer-to-peer support from those who know it best.
  • Get experience! You’ll be representing one of the key players in college mental health on your campus – great experience to add to a resume.
  • Connect with like-minded students! You’ll be joining a small community of passionate forward thinkers interested in making strides in the mental health space.
  • Build your network! Foster key campus relationships, and have the chance to connect with various members of the JED team.
  • Be in the know! You’ll be among the first to know about exciting news, program developments, partnerships, and events. You might even be asked to represent JED at speaking events like webinars, panels, etc.