Resources for Diverse Identities

Locating online mental health resources that resonate with you and your individual identity can be challenging. That is why we have put together this resource list to assist you in locating therapy resources, podcasts, helplines, non-profits, and social media pages that are specifically targeted towards particular identity affiliations.

All of the resources we have listed below have been reviewed and approved by a JED clinician. Please also check out JED’s Mental Health Resource Center for additional support and information around taking care of your own mental health and helping others, as well as our JED Voices video series and JED Resources in Spanish.



These are helpful resources to connect to mental health professionals who are committed to working with individuals of diverse backgrounds.


These podcasts are focused around encouraging people to talk more openly about their emotional well-being and mental health.


These helplines offer support to individuals from a variety of backgrounds and identities by providing information, resources, and advice.

Mental Health Organizations

These non-profit organizations provide supports related to mental health and well-being for BIPOC individuals and communities.

Social Media Pages

These are great pages to follow to learn more about how to take care of your own mental health and support others.