Right Fit Quiz

This quiz will help you determine the Right Fit Score for each college or university you are considering attending. Take the quiz for each school on your list. The higher the score, the better the fit!


Approximately 7 minutes to complete

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This quiz is designed to help you evaluate what you want and need to be happy, healthy and successful in college. This quiz is not an exact science and should be treated only as a tool to help you make an informed decision.

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General Information

What is the name and location of the school you are considering?

Diversity of student body (i.e., multiple racial, cultural and economic backgrounds)


School Size

Type of School

Annual Tuition

The basic culture and demographic
of this school, for me, is:

Tuition to attend this school would be:

Academic Support

What is the average class size?

Does the school offer tutoring and/or other academic support programs?

What is the academic intensity?

Academically, I feel like this school is:

Student Life

Popular activities/organizations (check all that apply)

Main types of housing available

Based on cultural and social groups with which I identify:

Based on my specific talents/interests,
this school has:

College Transition

Have you participated in a pre-enrollment campus visit?

Do you know someone who is attending your chosen school?

Does the school have programs that support first-year students?

I feel like the transition to this school would be:

Health and Wellness

Does the school have health and wellness facilities? (e.g., gym, fitness center, counseling center)

Is there a school health insurance plan?

Does the school have a student health center?

Is there a counseling center?

Is the counseling center free or covered by your insurance?

This level of health and wellness support feels:

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