Money & Financial Management Resources For College Students

By Kelly Burch

The internet and social media are full of people promising you can get rich quick—or at least pay for college—if you just follow their advice. Unfortunately, that’s not true. The only proven way to financial security (having enough money to meet your needs) is by living within your means and practicing healthy financial habits over time. 

Yet with so many loud voices, it’s hard to know who you can trust for financial advice. Here are a few good financial resources and tips for college students:

For Learning the Basics

For Dealing With Money and College

  • Money Management 101 for College Students: Being more financially independent can be scary. This piece helps you learn where to start.
  • Federal Student Aid: This government website has lots of information for caregivers and students about finances and college. It’s also how you’ll access the FAFSA, a form you need to fill out to get financial aid, no matter which school you choose.
  • Oklahoma Money Matters: This site covers how to track spending, budgeting systems, and saving for the future, all within the context of college. 
  • Practical Money Skills for College: This free course is designed for teachers, but anyone can access the PowerPoints and documents. The in-depth information covers everything from building credit to what to do when you’re in financial trouble. 

Even with all the resources in the world at your fingertips, almost everyone makes money mistakes at some point. That’s why it’s also important to be prepared for managing financial crises and coping when crisis hits.

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