Personal Benefits of College


If you’ve read anything else in this section, it’s probably pretty apparent that a college education usually leads to a higher income earning potential. While this is very important, it’s not the only benefit to attending college. In fact, some of the most important benefits are personal ones – those that affect you individually and can have a major impact on the rest of your life. Keep clicking to learn about these important benefits!

Meet New People and Create Lifelong Bonds

One of the most important personal benefits of college is the chance to meet new people and develop enduring friendships. As a high school student, you value your friends from home, and the idea of parting with them and making equally meaningful connections to new people might feel uncomfortable and seem impossible. However, chances are that you’ll come to find a group of people at college who share your values and interests, and you might also develop new interests by connecting with people who have different backgrounds and life experiences than you. It’s not to say that high school friends won’t stay lifelong friends as well, but college certainly provides a way to make more (and more varied) lasting bonds and connections.

Become More Independent

For many students, college provides the first opportunity to take charge of one’s life and make your own decisions. For example, you’ll be tasked with choosing what courses to take, deciding on the extracurricular activities in which to participate, and making choices about how to spend your free time. While you don’t have to be completely on your own in the above responsibilities (colleges offer many types of supports such as academic advising, and plus your friends and family are still there for you!), you will be expected to at least lead the charge, which can and will help you develop into a mature, responsible and independent adult.

Discover and Fine-Tune Your Values, Beliefs and Goals

In addition to paving the way to independence, college also enables you to discover and/or fine-tune your values, beliefs and goals. By opening you up to a wide range of activities, people and experiences, you can learn more about yourself and what you stand for, follow and satisfy your curiosity, and discover what you’re passionate about. College provides opportunities that may not be available to you otherwise, which is hugely beneficial to your personal growth and life path.

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