What to Do If Your Teen Is Being Cyberbullied

It can feel scary if you think your teen is being cyberbullied, but there are steps you can take to find out whether it’s happening, stop the bullying if it is, and support your teen. 

Have you noticed that your teen is:

  • Using their devices more or less often?
  • Having strong emotional responses to what’s happening on their devices, including laughing or getting upset or angry?
  • Hiding their screen or device when someone else comes near?
  • Avoiding talking about what they’re doing on their devices?
  • Shutting down or deleting their social media accounts out of the blue?
  • Creating new or multiple social media accounts without a clear reason?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s possible your teen is experiencing cyberbullying. How has their mood been?

Have you noticed your teen is:

  • Worrying more than usual?
  • Having difficulty at school?
  • Having nightmares or experiencing changes in their sleep?
  • Feeling sad or low?
  • Experiencing more frequent headaches or stomachaches?
  • Acting differently than they normally do?

You know your teen — if it seems like something is going on, trust your gut and check in. Cyberbullying is one possible explanation for the changes, but there could be other reasons. An open conversation can help you get to the bottom of it. Let them know you’re here to support them, whatever is happening.

If your teen tells you they’re being cyberbullied, share that you’re glad they told you and that you’ll help them:

  • Take immediate steps to stop the messages or content.
  • Report and stop the behavior. 
  • Get mental health support to help your teen start feeling better and safer. 

young child standing in the school hallway with his head down grasping a folder and kids in the hall whispering and pointing at himGet more info, support, and actionable tips in The Choose Kindness Project’s Parent Playbook How to Help a Child Being Bullied.









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