Things To Do When You’re Alone

Suggestions for ways to best use your time when you’re by yourself. Bonus: most of them cost little or nothing.

  1. Exercise. Whether you run, shoot hoops, lift weights, or simply go for a walk, you’ll be improving your mind along with your body.
  2. Yoga, Meditation, T’ai Chi and Pilates. These activities are all proven to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. You can plenty of YouTube videos to show you what to do!
  3. Reading a book. Not a school assignment, something for enjoyment. Think fiction, fantasy, Sci-fi or poetry.
  4. Writing/Blogging/Journaling. Writing down your thoughts helps make sense of the ideas floating around in your head.  It also provides an opportunity to let off steam or calm down when you are upset about something.
  5. Practice a musical instrument. Playing music is a great way to relax and spend time alone.
  6. Thinking. This might sound odd, but when we are always surrounded by other people it can be difficult to stay in touch with our own ideas and thoughts. Spending time alone thinking, gives you the time to observe your own ideas, feelings and point of view.

These are just suggestions. Feel free to practice any other healthy, safe and effective ways that help you recharge, reconnect and spend time on your own.

Get Help Now

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You can also contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741-741.

If this is a medical emergency or if there is immediate danger of harm, call 911 and explain that you need support for a mental health crisis.