Ways to Stay Connected with Family at College

Staying in touch with family is important, especially in the first few months of college as you get adjusted and figure out the best ways to stay connected to the people you care about. Check out these simple strategies for staying connected with loved ones. They might seem obvious, but it’s helpful to review what your options are.

  • Schedule weekly calls. Feel free to call anytime to share great news or concerns, but scheduling a weekly call to catch up can ensure that you don’t go too long without checking in. Pick a time and try to stick with it unless a conflict can’t be avoided.
  • Send an email. Don’t bombard one another with emails, but a funny story is always welcome. Ask your mom for a favorite recipe or ask your sister for a photo of the family pet.
  • Send a text. So easy and fast! It’s a great way to let everyone know you got a good grade on your paper, finished that crazy-hard project, are feeling a little homesick, are nervous about a presentation, or just that you are thinking about them.
  • FaceTime or video chat. Maybe you have a periodic call with your parents, family or siblings but incorporating some “face time” where you can see each other adds a special component.
  • Send photos or video. Show your family where and how you spend your days and nights. They’ll love it!

Keep in mind that as you settle in and feel more comfortable at school that your plan for staying in touch with family might change. If your need for weekly calls or daily texts lessens it’s still important to find ways to stay connected with the people you care about and who care about you. These relationships will be a source of support during challenging and stressful times.

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